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at mil esquinas

Our faculty is the essence of mil esquinas. Each one brings their talent, experience, and passion, allowing us to offer quality workshops in an environment of creativity and learning.

Learn more about our instructors and the workshops they teach here.

Jose Carlos Herrera

Jose Carlos Herrera, the creative force and constant heartbeat at the heart of mil esquinas. With over 35 years of experience in both the fashion industry and teaching, and founder of his own school and modelling agency, Jose Carlos is more than a pillar of this space, he is its very essence. His tireless passion and deep knowledge of fashion design have been the inspiration that brought this place to life. His journey, from being self-taught to graduating with honours, has been marked by a constant quest for knowledge and the overcoming of boundaries.

Since 2017, he contributes his talent in technical moulage workshops and from 2020, in bespoke corset technical pattern workshops. With him, every class is a journey to a world where #NothingIsImpossibleYouJustHaveToFindTheWay. Jose Carlos' exciting journey and dedication to imparting his knowledge turns each student into a learner capable of conquering the fashion world.

Gori de Palma

Gori de Palma, a master of the colour black, whose work has always revolved around this shade, manages to amaze us with his unparalleled creativity and intense concentration. This innate survivor, with one foot in the world of motorcycles and the other firmly in the territory of fashion, has developed a unique style, characterised by an afterpunk, industrial, and dense aesthetic, but also strict and sexual. The conception of his collections goes beyond the garments themselves, encompassing the totality of the aesthetic experience, including lighting, staging, and casting.

His impeccable career, which includes collaborations with Swarovsky, Vans, American Apparel and General Optics, as well as participation in exhibitions at the CCCB (Barcelona) and the Circulo de Bellas Artes (Madrid), is a reflection of his critical vision of art, fashion, and consumption.

At mil esquinas, Gori brings his experience and vision to teaching, conducting his origami workshop since 2019 and creating unsurpassable balloon skirts. His patience is infinite, his character, unforgettable, and his friendship, a treasure in our studio.

Javier Martín Galán

Javier Martín Galán, a beacon of virtuosity in Haute Couture and custodian of the Balenciaga tradition, has flooded our studio with his amicability, charisma, and undeniable talent since 2021. Javier is a carrier of a legacy, having learned the sewing techniques of Balenciaga directly from the hands that worked with the master in his Madrid workshop. His career speaks volumes about his talent, having collaborated with renowned names such as Sybilla, Carmen March, and Jesús del Pozo. He was also a vital part of the house of DelPozo until its closure, and launched his own haute couture brand, Nihil Obstat.

At mil esquinas, Javier has been sharing his wealth of experience and skills since 2021, leading bias cutting workshops, and since 2023, sleeve workshops. His love for teaching has also led him to collaborate with the Cristobal Balenciaga Museoa and to teach at several renowned institutions, such as the University of Navarra and the Centro Barreira Arte + Diseño in Valencia.

Having Javier in our studio is not just a luxury, it is a genuine honour. He is the embodiment of the haute couture heritage and a constant source of inspiration for creativity.

Dr. Roser Masip Boladeras

Roser Masip Boladeras, a notable figure in fashion illustration, boasts an impressive academic and professional track record. With a PhD in Fine Arts and as a Full Professor at the University of Barcelona's Faculty of Fine Arts, Roser also imparts her wisdom at the LCI Barcelona Superior School of Design.

Since 2023, Roser has been conducting her fashion drawing workshop at mil esquinas, offering students a unique opportunity to learn how to put their ideas onto paper. Her professional reputation is undeniable, having collaborated with prestigious institutions like the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York and the History of Design Foundation in Barcelona.

Known for her kindness and unyielding passion, Roser shares her love for illustration and art with every pencil stroke. It's a true privilege to have her teaching in our studio, away from the traditional academic environment.